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2006-08-24 Show

Tonight’s show was a good break from a long week. We discuss the upcoming segregated season of Survivor, current events, Carlito losing his job and the latest in PCU radio drama. Pranks include a complaint about 7 year old dog biscuits making a puppy sick, a woman who doesn’t take it in the back door and a 482 lb man needs to book a special needs hotel room.

2006-08-17 Show

It’s a great night for shooting the breeze and pranking the calls. We open to phone lines and let listeners try their hand at the helm. We also discuss Maryjane Brownies and the development in the Jon Benet Ramsey case.

2006-08-13 Show

Carlito, Milkman and Misery from BurningOath.net break out with a surprise Saturday night show. This is an especially explicit episode with drunken rants and vulgar pranks. We make several calls to victims in Australia and Guam.

2006-08-10 Show

The Milkman returns to the show after an extended hiatus and he is joined by in-studio guest ClonedHomeGrown. Cloned gives us the scoop on his recent police encounter, Zolar calls in fresh out of his appearance on the Stern Fan Roundtable on Sirius Radio and we also discuss the foiled terrorist plot in Britain. And, of course, more pranks!

2006-08-03 Show

Andy joins us for one last show and we discuss the new Rambo movie, Fidel Castro not dying and Mel Gibson. We also prank a hotel asking for a limited edition George Foreman poster being given out to guests checking in. And finally we spend a few minutes holding an interesting conversation with a Wal*Mart associate.

2006-07-27 Show

Enjoy the show tonight as we call victims in both the US and London, England. A British locksmith doesn’t appreciate being rung up at 4 in the morning. ClonedHomeGrown calls in and discusses the Israeli-Lebanese conflict and sandwiches. We also dwell on the fact that we can’t get through 10 minutes before food becomes the topic of conversation again. And finally we employ the services of an Arabic speaking British-Algerian mediator to help broker peace with our favorite donut maker.

1 Year Anniversary Best of Show

We celebrate the one year anniversary of Madhouse Radio with a 2 hour best of production.

2006-07-20 Show

The first show of the second season starts off on a roll. We prank the president of the National Organization of Women who is in Albany for a feminist conference. We also request a fried Roast Beef sandwich. Andy passes out drunk during the break! And finally we catch up with our favorite donut maker.

2006-07-06 Show

We discuss the Police Academy movies, prank a few victims and catch updates from Dr. Lego and the Milkman. Fat Albert calls a restaurant to order his custom salad.

2006-06-29 Show

It’s an international episode of Madhouse Radio! Plenty of calls are made to victims in Australia and the UK. Callers tonight include Howard Stern Show wackpacker Zolar, Dr. Lego from pranktheworld.com and comic book artist Sean Ward!

2006-06-22 Show

Andy Returns and explains why he hates kids. We terrorize and Anti-Abortionist’s conference in Tennessee including Fred Barnes from Fox News. We also discuss the terror arrests in Miami and speak to several guest callers.

2006-06-15 Show

Andy calls in from the road. A casino refuses to cater to Carlito’s excessive requests. Artist and Comedian Sean Ward calls in to talk and prank as well. And finally we attempt to tell a hotel attendant how “spoon” is spelled with an “R”.

2006-06-08 Show

Carlito makes several calls and tries to hire a dragon slayer in the process. PCU drama is also discussed at length. This is a short episode due to technical issues but it still delivers.

2006-06-05 Show

No description.

2006-06-01 Show

No description.

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