Category: 2010

Fake Rubber Boob

Carlito, Milkman, Kokanee and the gang play with rubber boobs all night. Cross has complaints to a Macaroni Grill after being put on perma-hold. Carlito wants to cut people’s nice hair and wear it like a wig. We get a callback from someone with a girls name. Andy checks in and harasses the Milkman.

Madhouse Hijack

Madhouse LIVE is hijacked by the Phone Losers.

Kiss My P*ssy

Carlito and the gang get our old bus driving friend very upset tonight. An asian man doesn’t speak good English – until we start cussing. More UK wake up calls and some pranks by Richard and Sal.

The Handsome Boy Modeling School

Carlito’s idea of parkour is throwing someone off of a roof into a dumpster. A Korean man does not want to part with his pants. Carlito insists that his roommates sit when they pee. We follow up on our horse event in Guam. Snow samples from the UK.

The Horse Show – Thanksgiving 2010

Carlito and the Milkman horse around on Thanksgiving night. Someone touched a horse in Guam. Black Friday door buster calls about size 52 jeans and horse machines. Carlito hunts down Bruno from last years Thanksgiving show and calls his wife a horse in the process.

You Son-of-a-bitch

A Citgo manager hasn’t washed his hands. We celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Berners Street Hoax with chimney sweepers and a piano delivery. A pet is trapped in the dark after Carlito’s wake up call to the UK.

Chicken in the Toilet

Cross is at the grocery store getting ready to flush an organic chicken down the toilet. Palestine is for the Palestinians. Carlito goes off on the assholes at Syndicate Radio. Wake up calls to men with girls names in the UK.

All About Ass

We discuss the results of the mid term election. Carlito needs cheap Mexican labor to fix toilets. We trick the Honoruru Inn guy into making a $3000 Pepsi order. Valente is calling in a water damage report. An old gay guy refuses to get on the toilet.

Shut Up

Evil Arite is in studio. Carlito gets told to shut up. We try to redeem a coupon for a free meal from 1997. Zolar brings us up to speed on his involvement with the Obama streaking incident. Dadead and Prankmaster also check in. UK wake up calls round out the evening as usual.

What Kind of Nutter Are You?

Carlito doesn’t want pineapple on his steak meats. Cross is running into trouble ordering a gristle sandwich from the Texas Roadhouse. Several UK wakeup calls from International Business Telephone Machines round out the evening.

Kaks Teist Kuud

Carlito keeps asking restaurants to shit in the oven. We ask an Estonian woman how to say “See you in 12 months” in her language. A smattering of UK wake up calls.

I Don’t Have-A Diabetes

Carlito has all sorts of odd questions for an Australian sexual health line. Is it Holland or the Netherlands? Someone complains about their pizza on Twitter, we call his Mom and accuse her of being a diabetic.

I’m Scared, I Need Help

Garson Debramalo is calling for his samples. We ask a Christian bookstore who would win in a fight: Abraham Lincoln or Jesus. We create an international fracas among the Jehovas Witnesses.

The Pope is Not Welcome in the UK

We are not in favor of the Pope’s trip to the UK. Garson ‘hollas’ at Big Booty Brenda. Carlito is complaining to the BBC again. It’s too late for coach to come to the park for an impromptu ball game.

No, YOU’RE a Horse’s Asses Ass!

How do you work the Icee machine at Wawa? Carlito isn’t calling Hooters to talk to men. We are going to order pay-per-view at a sports bar with our own remote and without permission. Cross’ neighbor is blasting his TV, we call the BBC direct to turn the volume down.

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