Category: Old Pranks


Cross is complaining about slow restaurant service, however the staff doesn’t appreciate that he is calling from the bathroom and subjecting them to vulgarities.

Motel Calls – Sloth, RBCP and Carlito

Sloth, RBCP and Carlito are having fun late at night dialing up people in a hotel next to an amusement park.

Bee Penis DVD

Carlito is looking for a kid’s cartoon movie where the animator snuck in a penis on a bee. From Brent Westwood show 06-20-13

Angry Twitter Taxi

A woman had complained on Twitter about the customer service experience she received from a taxi company. Carlito calls to settle the issue. Lawsuits ensue.

GCR Tradio Call

Carlito is watching Tradio (Swap Shop) radio show host on his video feed, then calls him to sell his own stuff back to him.  Recorded on the Global Chaos Radio show.

God Damn You

A car owner, his wife and his father argue with Roy after they find a note on a car at Wal*Mart.

The Perfect Night

Reclude creeps everyone out when he calls a girl working alone at a gas station as a guy from out of town who wants to party with her.

High Risk Delivery

Things get ugly when Carlito informs a lady that she will have to pay a $30 deposit on her high risk pizza delivery.

I’m Reticent To Answer

A guy at a restaurant hesitates to answer private information about the business as Carlito and his legal team are preparing a law suit.

I Drive An Audi

Things get heated when Roy starts kicking an Audi after an argument with his wife.

Honoruru Inn #5

Honoruru Charlie decides to teach Carlito some new Chinese curses.

How Long Until I Use The Bathroom

It is ridiculous to ask how soon you will need to use the bathroom after eating fried rice.

Room #112

Carlito creates a big mess between a hotel manager and the guy in room 112.

Honoruru Inn #4

Charlie sends Carlito to the doctor.

Washing Hands at the Citgo

Cross with International Business Machines and Health inspections is calling a Citgo station regarding a lack of hand washing.

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