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I’m Pissing Right Now – 3/5/2015

helpwantedCarlito upsets a state worker and challenges him to a punching and kicking fight at the Wal*Mart.  Trying to get some spectator action at the local dance studio.  Ordering cabinets that plug in to the wall in order to make go.  Calling on job offers and making people feel really awkward in the process.  Getting a manager upset with inappropriate responses to a medical survey.


Ham In A Can – 3/1/2015

ham-canCarlito is busy calling to buy rabbits and trying to get a guy to perform anilingus on his lady.  Oil!  Carlito is following up on a report of consensual sex in the loan department office as well as notifying an applicant of their approval in a grand fashion.  Warning UK wankers before their water turns brackish.  Calling businesses in Guam being rude, placing orders and looking for canned ham.  We’re sorry Miss Jackson.  Guests are JagTV, Baz, Neon, Dwight, RBCP, Darkstranger, Laugh Track Matt & Zax.



Approved! (Prank Call)

approvedCarlito calls a loan applicant and announces her approval in grand style!






Take A Long Walk Off A Short Pier – 2/22/2015

short-pierMilkman is looking for a good deal on a guitar and the white devil is selling some hay.  A JPL engineer has installed ejection seats in a car.  We upset men over Honda ATV parts and Great Clips customer surveys.  Mr. McGay makes an appearance.  Zappos calls and UK wankers wrap up the night.



HUH? – 2/15/2015

bolognaCarlito has Milkman do a few calls including a Dodge truck and an Indiana guitar for sale.  Bill’s dad learns about his son’s sex tape.  We call back a guy Dwight pranked earlier in the week – discover that he is the Russian Lenny.  RBCP announces his new prank clock located at  Guests are Dwight, Neon, RBCP, Dashie & his calling machine.

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Nips For Milkman – 2/8/2015

shirtlessCarlito raises money for Milkman ( and takes his shirt off on YouTube in the process.  DJ Cross is looking to play Christian music at a wedding with his shirt off.  We are calling from The Pizza complaining about tips and rude customers.  R.I.P. Raunch Foxxx.  One particular Twitter complainer plays along with everything we throw at him, no matter how absurd.  Guests are Dirty Aaron, Dwight, Zyklon, Darkstranger, Enigma420, RBCP, Neon, Jag & Baz.


Shitbird – 2/1/2015

shitbird-sample-patchThe Seahawks lose in the Super Bowl, we call sports bars in Seattle to troll them on the loss.  Carlito rapes a car in the gas tank.  We call the father of an aspirihg actor and claim that he raised his son like a girl.  Baz and Carlito are stuck in McDonalds Playlands,  Guests are JagTV, Dwight, Neon, Darkstranger & RBCP.

Make The YouTube Machine Go – 1/27/2015 Show

Episode recorded live on 1/27/2015- “Make The YouTube Machine Go”

Madhouse Radio – 1/25/2015 Show

mh-2012-square-fpage180x180Madhouse Radio episode recorded on Sunday 1/25/2015.  Carlito hosts with guests Neon, Dwight, RBCP, LTM & Ida.

How To Make Mud – 1/18/2015

mudCarlito had his appliance warranty claim denied because he put a bowling ball in the washer.  A Japanese man is not happy with being mocked on the phone.  A white trash couple find their prank call funny.  Carlito’s poor attitude negates his ability to rent a mobile home.

Madhouse Radio – 1/14/15 Show

Madhouse Radio episode from 1/14/15

Madhouse Radio – 1/11/15 Show

Madhouse Radio episode from 1/11/15.

Madhouse Radio – 1/9/15 Show

Madhouse Radio – 1/9/15 Show

Madhouse Radio – 1/4/15 Show

Madhouse Radio – 1/4/15 Show

PCN NYE 2015 Show: Carlito Drops the Balls

PCN NYE 2015 Show: Carlito Drops the Balls

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