Category: 2011

When the Bananas Cry

Jose puts his ass cheeks on the grill. Officer Gonzales is going to track our number down. We discuss DC’s new 52 reboot.

I’m Back

Carlito returns from medical leave. The Honoruru Inn guy sends us back to the doctor. Evil Artie is annoying as usual. Carlito asks a pharmacist about his restroom details.

Important Health Update

RBCP hosts the show and interviews Carlito on his recent health issues which have kept Madhouse LIVE off the air. We follow up with calls accusing people who have new phone numbers. A cactus expert published a recipe which lead to Carlito’s hospitalization.

The Neighborhood Watch Association

Carlito, Tuck and Brandon are live from the rebuilt Madhouse studio. An odd pizza order takes an even odder turn. Evil Artie calls in from WalMart. Some UK wake up calls in search of tickets to the Royal Wedding.

Test Show

A test show from the new Madhouse studio with Carlito and Milkman.

I’ve Already Informed Corporate About You

We check in with the Macaroni Grill from the last show as well as with our friend from the Honoruru Inn again. A manager with a girl’s name is written up. Carlito is moving the hotel room TV to the bathroom.

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