Category: 2010

Lisa Frank Pencils

We chat with our friend Charlie again in Honoruru. Carlito keeps the grocery store on the line regarding a long and drawn-out complaint about racial slurs and Lisa Frank stationary. The BBC switchboard doesn’t take well to Carlito’s American attitude.

House Negroes and Field Negroes

Carlito, inspired by Malcolm X speeches, compares house and field negroes. We keep asking the black lady at the grocery store how to make collard greens. Carlito inquires on the complete digestive process of eating fried chicken. Finally, we speak Welsh.


We hit up Honoruru, HI on the conference bridge with Zolar, Tuck, Evil Artie and other listeners. Check out our first calls to the angry Asian guy at the Inn in Honoruru. An autistic kid has been harassed by a donut shop in Guam.

Star-0-Hash, 6-1-1

The embassy has directed Carlito to a lady for cupcake catering in Australia…hours away from where the actual event is going to be held. Tom Cruise is the Jesus of Scientology. Women don’t like to be told they are “being sassy”. International Business Telephone Machines is calling the UK with wake up calls, weather reports […]

Whipped Cream and Thighs

We chat it up with an Indian place that was reported in a UK newspaper for having a high fecal content in their food. Carlito was raped by a Bigfoot creature and he calls a fellow Bigfoot encounter survivor on the issue. Carlito wants whipped cream and a nice pair of thighs to lick it […]

You Are Different

Milkman joins in via telephone as we harass a magician’s convention and explain how the people running the kabob restaurant are different.

Time For F*ck

An Aussie has been opted-in for sports updates. We discuss the blunders of Dan Rather and the classic Captain Janks vs Peter Jennings “I See OJ” prank call. Germany loses to Spain in the World Cup, we call around Germany to rub it in their face. We call the andgry kabob place again. It’s time […]

Madhouse Returns

Madhouse Radio returns with a studio test and a few live pranks.

In Every Hole

Carlito loses his debit card. We have fun ordering pizza from a gullible japanese gentleman who will repeat anything he is told. A slow Iranian curses every single hole on Carlito’s sister. Valente makes very inappropriate statements over the phone.


Valente is calling in an issue with his ham radio machine. A construction company is interfering with Valente’s yellow Nextels. Gordon Brown is losing the Puerto Rican vote. We blame restaurant staff for a stolen wallet.

The White Boy Show

White Boy Chris goes nuts hitting buttons on the phone, then keeps saying um. Carlito’s son left the house drunk and angry after a restaurant wouldn’t pick up the phone, we’re holding them responsible if he gets in an accident.

I’m Not Looking For Your Charity

Carlito has burnt the chicken. Athena comes at him with a rolling pin. Afterwards he invents a recipe for faux gravy. The chicken place is responsible for Carito having put foil in the microwave. Jack Masterson missed out on his free Grand Slam at Denny’s.

What’s Not Black About Louis Armstrong?

We call a diner in the Chezch Republic, then complain about codes that an escort slipped to us. Jack Masterson doesn’t want to hear white people jazz. AN OCD sufferer needs to order his chicken pieces in mulitples of 4. Erik Verducci joins us for some pranks.

The Malaka Show

Enjoy a repost of the Malaka Show, an episode of Madhouse Live recorded in January. We make several hilarious calls to Greek businesses in the USA and the old country throughout the evening.

Chinga Tu Madre Pendejo

We go nuts on Craigslist, send several wreckers to pick up a wrecked car at the same time. A casino manager has stolen our iPhone machine. Valente finds a condom in his chicken dinner. Carlito wants to open a serpentarium in Ireland.