Category: 2009

2009-07-23 Show

Milkman has been let go from Madhouse Radio. Carlito is refused service, then mocks the way a woman spells her name. White boy sends us a boring prank call. A man in the UK needs exercise.

2009-07-16 Show

Carlito is upset about 8 packs of soda replacing 12 packs for the same price and argues with several employees at a grocery store about it. He later discusses recent menu changes at McDonalds with a girl who knows her food topics. We are going to give a bad review to a Japanese steakhouse for […]

4 Year Anniversary Show

Check out our 4 year anniversary show, broadcast live from Lopez Cigar Bar in Orlando. Sean Ward joins us for some live pranks and we countdown the top 10 calls of the last year.

2009-07-02 Show

Hollywood Vanja joins us for some prank calls to the UK. A drunk man is going to urinate on an inn keepers doorstep. Carlito doesn’t like it when a mother disrespects her daughter at work. Ted joins us for some calls as well. We hold a conference call with several 7-11 stores and advise them […]

2009-06-25 Show

The Lonesome Loser is back. A kid calls in but is too nervous to talk on the phone. Carlito wants to order a warm plate. News of Michael Jacksons death was reported today at 11 PM London time, we wake up people in the UK at 4am to let them know the bad news. Crazy […]

2009-06-18 Show

Carlito is back from the wedding break! We catch up on all the stories from the event and the honeymoon. We get into another fight with a cigar shop after confusing Dominican Cohibas with the Cubans. Someone is made to believe he has been chosen to star in a new reality show related to Magic: […]

2009-05-14 Show

Carlito is preparing for his wedding. A homelessman just wants to use a fast food joints garden hose to take a bath. Carlito knows when women want a massage on their ass, then he misinterprets an affinity for sausage. A pimp with a master in biochemistry gets into a heated discussion with Carlito.

2009-05-07 Show

The on hold radio music at a hotel offers Valente a free set of tires, the manager refuses to honor the prize. Carlito is ordering bahn chod from an Indian restaurant again. We revisit an angry towing company owner. Evil Artie is tucking it back.

2009-04-30 Show

We discuss the proper way to eat sushi, pager codes from the 90s and boiled peanuts. The alarm for Zone 2 keeps going off, a security company refuses to come out and is in violation of their contract. We have been advised by the Securities Exchange Commission that we are in violation of trust. Carlito […]

2009-04-23 Show

We talk to attendees at a clown convention, one of them tells Carlito to go F himself. Later on the President of Clowns threatens Hollywood Vanja with a phone trace after we inquire on the lack of black clowns. Carlito has a lucid dream featuring two of his ex girlfriends at the same time. We […]

2009-04-16 Show

Bojangles opens in Orlando offering a 24 hour fast food breakfast menu. Dr. Lego joins us for some calls to Vietnamese restaurants, he decided to sue when a manager says that Carlito cant handle the number 4. Carlito wants to go dumpster diving for food scraps. CFC discusses the dangers of consuming products containing Monosodium […]

2009-04-13 Show

Eddie Garcia calls back on last weeks grocery cart incident. We discuss Datsun pickup trucks. Valente refuses to distribute videos with anal penetration. The operator at the gay and lesbian switchboard refuses to transfer our call to that one gay dude that lives down the street. Carlito gets into a heated discussion with the Kirby […]

2009-04-09 Show

Carlito got a bad haircut and has a pimple. Milkman joins us live from his car while taking a trip through Los Angeles. We prepare for Good Friday, discuss White Castle vs Krystal burgers and life as a bi-racial. Carlito forces a hotel clerk to run a speed test on his internet connection. Milkmans GPS […]

2009-03-26 Show

Carlito interviews Henry Hill from the movie Goodfellas. A man says he doesnt want to touch Carlito but he DOES want to kick his ass. White people put butter on their rice. A mexican girl who sounds white at a greek restaurant gets Carlitos classic offer of diamond earrings. Carlito thinks the Muslim practice of […]

2009-03-19 Show

A man gets off on hearing racist curses, Valente gets angry about it. We call in a repair ticket to the phone company on behalf of an Alaskan pizza place. Carlito doesnt like it when people pick up the phone loudly. Carlito has back pain, gets an oil stain on his new Muhammad Ali shirt, […]