Category: 2007

2007-03-15 Show

Madhouse Radio comes thru with several international and domestic pranks and the topics of the day. Legendary prankster Reclude joins in on the fun. Voted one of the best episodes of 2007 to date.

2007-03-08 Show

Tonight we get into an argument with a phone “actress”, keep asking a British hotel manager how many minutes are in an hour and discuss the topics of the day.

2007-03-02 Show

Madhouse Radio pranks Japan all night.

2007-02-22 Show

We harass an ancient martial artist, talk to a Japanese 7-11 employee and Jack Masterson wants to make a large order of biscuits and gravy.

2007-02-18 Show

Carlito gets stuck in a cage in Europe, ATT security goes after Carlito and we call around for some dog food. Jin Stewart joins the show for the first time.

2007-02-01 Show

Sean Ward calls in to break his silence, a girl is accused of stealing a cell phone and we spend some time waking up people in Great Britain.

2007-01-25 Show

CHG asks a big black guy how much juice he holds, Will discuss his record and Zolar kicks us off the air.

2007-01-18 Show

Chief Sitting Bull wants to rent out a campground for a Native American pow-wow, a man wins a radio contest on 98.6 The Mouth and the Crazy Guy plays his crazy accordion.

2007-01-11 Show

Rotisserie Wallace is a 4th string NFL quarterback who wants to film a porno film for publicity, Bubba Johnson calls a bowling alley, and Sam the Donut Man reappears.

2007-01-04 Show

Johnny Roach (CHG) gets into an argument with a corporate receptionst, Carlito calls back to confront security and we make a woman believe that her friend wants to hook up with her.

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