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That’s a Girl’s Name – 9/8/18 Show

Carlito is trying to get to Chicago for the PLA PrankCon on September 15th. Help him with a donation at Enjoy a short pre-show before Dwight the Janitor goes on the air. Ashley the Starbucks manager(that’s HIS name, don’t make fun of it) is calling the surrounding stores to get their shit outta here. […]

No TV For You – 9/6/18 Show

Carlito is trying to get to Chicago for the PLA PrankCon on September 15th. Help him with a donation at A black man becomes very upset with Cross Skrilla over being denied a free TV, leads us on a 20 minute tirade. The advance team is calling to set up reservations for President Trump […]

What Does Gender Have To Do With It? – 8/30/18 Show

Carlito is trying to get to Chicago for the PLA PrankCon on September 15th. Help him with a donation at This is another example of a good Madhouse show with not-so-good pranks. We are starting beef with burger places that refuse to make our burgers the old fashioned way. The lady at iHop doesn’t […]

Hot Jazz In Your Mouth – 8/23/18

There’s a hurricane headed to Hawaii, so we are looking everywhere for plywood. Carlito is confusing Free Pickup at Walmart with trucks for sale. Using anatomical breast descriptions while ordering bras over the phone. Eating canned dog food when the human food runs out. Support Madhouse on Patreon! or Make a One Time Donation Here […]

Lean Machine – 8/16/2018

It’s Tropical Smoothie night on Madhouse Radio as Carlito tries to flip the eggs with heat concept – by ordering smoothies with cold, in a waffle cone. The animal hospital receptionist doesn’t appreciate the insinuation that she is being replaced by a janitor. Insulting Puerto Rico while trying to book a vacation there. Bath Planet […]

I Don’t Have a Disability – 8/10/18

Carlito thinks it’s good that you have a job answering the phone, even with your non-existant disability. The red Solo cup is smoking in the hotel room, not us. Brad Carter is on a mission to make a woman cry. Trying to use the gambler’s anonymous line to place random number guessing bets. CPAP cleaning […]

Prostate Exam Procedures – 8/2/2018

Carlito and Milkman somehow get on the subject of prostate exams tonight and they are concerned with the way in which a doctor cleans us up afterwards. RBCP, the inventor of the Twitter complainer prank call, from joins us with a hilarious call from corporate in which he gets a customer to walk off […]

“I’m Gonna Shave Your Head” – 7/26/18

Carlito is in the mood to threaten women with forced head shavings tonight. Calling a news tip line and describing the plot to the movie Boyz n the Hood. Ordering some eggs with heat LIKE ALWAYS. Calling some of them swap shops including diabetic supplies, reclaimed barn tin, a tractor and a refrigerator that some […]

Diet Ass – 7/19/2018

McDonalds has bumped Coke Zero off the menu in favor for another flavor of Sprite. In real life Carlito is obsessed with Coke Zero, so he calls to complain. Stuck in the elevator shaft again, getting extra panicky this time, and calling Vegas instead of Reno. Complaining to Vietnamese nail salons about a toe fungus […]

13 Year Anniversary Show – 7/12/18

Join Carlito and the Milkman for our 13 year anniversary show featuring the return of weekly Thursday night shows and the MouthLine 405-396-6884 (leave us a voicemail). Technical issues get in the way but we feature a crazy drunk lady eating on the phone and confused about her room for rent, calls to Zappos and […]

It’s Up To Your Ass – 5/26/2018

We’re calling on them swap shop items, yard sales and donating things to the Cub Scout charity benefit. Insulting the dirty Greek restaurant and getting into trouble with Joey Guns. Carlito misses out on buying a trailer but is looking to get in early on them puppies. Burning unwanted Lipizzaner horses alive and looking for […]

Want To Get Your Ass Kicked? 4/20/2018

Carlito is all wound up from watching the news so he’s calling embassies looking to see who wants to get their asses kicked. East Germany doesn’t have any plans for Hitler’s birthday today. Hotels are not amused with our 420 celebrations in their rooms. Support Madhouse on Patreon! Leave a review for this podcast on the […]

The Dead Hand – 3/31/18

Homer says hi for the first time! Carlito insults a restaurant guy’s mother, then his mother gets on and turns the tables in a major way. Checking back in with the Kmarts and the manager recognizes Carlito. Several Swap Shop items for sale. Guests are Matt Hillcox, Zerx, Dwayne the Janitor & Brad Farter. Support […]

I Want Real Woman – 3/23/18

Join Carlito for some prank call machines including a Chinese guy selling 100 assorted condoms (were they too big for him?). Somehow he ends up getting invited to an orgy. We also call people after stealing their typewriter, bicycle, fishing poles and gas. More of them wacky incoming customer service calls. We remember KDK and […]

Girl Scout Cookie – 3/7/18

A short show featuring the usual stupidity including calls to Girl Scout Troops complaining after confusing the marijuana strain “Girl Scout Cookie” with their legit Girl Scout cookies. Guest is Matt “The Walk” Hillock. Support Madhouse on Patreon! Leave a review for this podcast on the iTunes store!  Follow Carlito on Twitter @madhouse and get more shows like […]