Category: Prank Calls

Free Tires

Carlito calls New Zealand and mistakes a radio commercial while on hold for a free offer of tires. Download file

Furries Are Banded From Here

Furries have been “banded” from the gaming store, they retaliate by shitting in the parking lot. Download file

Fooey on You

Fooey on Carlito for calling to order pig feces too late. Download file

Find My Wallet!

Carlito commands an old lady to look for his wallet, gets upset at the assistant manager. Download file

Flower Shop

Carlito implicates a flower shop answering attendant of being mean and using racial slurs. Download file

Don’t Call Me Asshole (Call)

An Asian casino pit boss takes great offense when Carlito says he’s an asshole. Download file

Feminine Products – featuring Zolar

Carlito and Zolar team up for some hotel prank calls regarding feminine products. Download file

Emergency Prayer Circle

Carlito is trying to shut down a bar against their will in order to organize an emergency prayer circle for Artie Lange. Download file

Don’t Call Again!

Carlito greatly upsets an old-aged British pensioner who starts yelling and holding buttons down on the phone. Download file

Do You Have Some Paper?

Carlito keeps a restaurant worker on the line to talk about nonsense. Download file

Do You Have Big Girls?

Carlito calls an escort service to set up a date with a big girl. Download file


A restaurant owner gets VERY pissed when Carlito calls Afghan-Mediterranean food disgusting. Download file

Dirty Clothing

There’s no reason that menstruating women won’t try on a male pair of jeans at a clothing store. Download file

Denny’s Call #3 (No Free Grand Slam for Jack)

Big Jack Masterson woke up too late for Denny’s annual free Grand Slam event. ¬†All his begging won’t help him get one on the house still. Download file

Denny’s Call #2 (Dagwood Sandwich)

Carlito is upset that the breakfast Dagwood sandwich was taken off the Denny’s menu. Download file